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Fiddler & Shoots Production company 


It all started in 2020 out of the necessity to hear and see what sparked our interest. We specialize in the quirky and awkward, the strange and interesting. Our goal is to curate  memorable audio and video for your needs to waste a few minutes. Thanks for choosing us for your go-to dose of daily distraction from the monotony.

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Our Podcasts

New truth after dark.png

truth after dark


Ever wonder about certain conspiracy theories? Are you curious why some things are talked about while others aren't? Fiddler and Shoots take you along as they cover conspiracies that range from Elvis still being alive to the batteries in the birds. Be mindful of the rabbit holes, you might just fall in.

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Cornfield, Wisconsin


Welcome to the Cornfield! This is where the cheese is squeaky and the milk is cold. Join us for a wild adventure of everything that throws us into random tangents. We will be covering any state we please in our NASAHV (North American Stay At Home Vacation) topics every other week. Please join us for fun facts about our great dairy state and creepy cryptids that spark our interest. Thanks for joining and have a great eve-after-morning!

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Five Minute Fables


The definition of an anthology series is:  a radio, television, or film series that presents a different story and a different set of characters in each episode, season, segment or short. Five Minute Fables is a bi-weekly multi-genre podcast of short stories written and recorded by A. David Barrett and W. Schenck and Gabbi Hope.

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This is Shoots, aka Aaron. He likes a nice audiobook, a fresh can of soda and a good bowl of ramen.

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Meet the Crew

Movie Morons

Join Ward and Aaron for their reviews of movies on a bi-weekly basis. They act like they know what they are talking about but that could be questionable. Sit down, grab a snack, and enjoy.


Gabbi loves cats, naps and ladybugs. Not necessarily in that order but you get the idea. She is a pretty darn good wife, great artist and makes a mean steak.

Ward, aka Fiddler, would prefer to be in the woods off the grid recording survival videos but Aaron keeps him in society for his help.


This is Cole. He is our resident, but distant, Editor. If he isn't writing he is spending time with his dog or playing some video games with his wife. Popcorn and cinnamon buns are an easy go to for him. 


Chad, aka Prison Chad or Chadothy if he feels fancy. Our once in a while guest is a fan favorite. He loves to cook, loves his family and doesn't mind some time alone to play his video games.

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