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a. david barrett

As Davey O’Shea works as a Sparker for Nikola Tesla, implementing his wireless electricity technology to the streets of London in 1888, he is also on the lookout as a detective for Scotland Yard during the peak of Jack the Ripper’s gruesome spree. Visited by a strange man one night out on the job, Davey is presented with the legendary sword, Excalibur, and upon touching it, learns he is a descendant of King Arthur himself. Now armed with the knowledge of his famed ancestor, Davey joins forces with other descendants of the Round Table to search for King Arthur’s true nemesis. Always two steps behind, however, and with more of the Ripper’s victims piling up, Davey must find a way to get ahead in order to stop both past and present adversaries.

Available for purchase now.

Welcome to our Fiction Imprint page for our new publishing company. We currently have two novels available now, more to come.

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W. Schenck

Our world has changed. The ones we once called our beloved pets have now become our mortal enemies, their rebellion resulting in a war that has raged for a hundred and fifty years, leading ever closer to the extinction of humanity. Corvus Black, a Leader within the League, a group of elite warriors, knows the struggles of war all too well. Losing friends and family is simply a part of daily life. And even though he wishes for nothing more than to be left alone in solitude, he is bound by his responsibilities. When the Mayor of Hollice sends him out on a dangerous mission to beg for aid against the monsters that plague the small town, he once again finds himself fighting for his life. But this time it’s different. This threat is unlike any he has ever faced before. A threat that will test his courage and his skill, because out there, alone in the forest, being stalked by a nightmarish presence, he will need both if he is to survive the night…

Available for purchase now.

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